Project Objectives

One of the main problems of future Grid network technology is the efficient provisioning of services to clients by a scalable and dynamic resource allocation (matching) mechanism. The objective of the CATNETS proposal is to determine the applicability of a decentralized economic self-organization mechanism for resource allocation in application layer networks (ALN), by (1) producing a "proof-of-concept" prototype in a real ALN and (2) by evaluating its performance against existing resource brokerage approaches in a simulated ALN.

CATNETS project investigates a "free market" economic self-organization approach, the "Catallaxy" by F.A. von Hayek, as the basis for realizing self-organizing resource allocation in ALNs.

CATNETS targets (1) to implement and evaluate Catallactic resource allocation as "proof-of- concept" prototype in a real ALN and (2) to test the properties and limitations of the Catallaxy approach using network simulation. Both approaches will share a common design of Catallaxy mechanisms applied to computer networks, including the appropriate messaging protocols needed to achieve dynamic negotiation and self-organization, metadata and the utility functions of the network agents.